Here’s what we can expect till the end of the year from our market.

What do you think the market will look like for the rest of 2021? Both buyers and sellers are asking me that question right now. Quite frankly, I expect a lot of the same.

We continue to see multiple offers and really strong prices, so it’s still a seller’s market. However, buyers are reaping the benefits of the lowest interest rates in history. Both sides are getting a lot out of the current market.

In the South Bay Area, we are seeing huge demand for houses below the $1 million price point. Buyers will still have to put strong offers on these homes. Contingencies are being removed a lot to make offers more attractive to the sellers, so you’ll want to consider doing the same if you’re buying.

We’re also seeing the prices soften in some areas. The location and condition of the property can make a difference in the sales price right now.

Overall, we expect a strong market till the end of the year. Inventory is low, and we still have lots of demand. If you have questions about this topic or anything else real estate-related, please give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you.